Welcome to Health, Medicine & Veterinary Sciences editor Dorottya Harangi

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Dorottya graduated with a B.Sc. in Neuroscience and Physiology at the University of Toronto, and is now pursuing an M.HSc. in Translational Research, also at the University of Toronto. This program gives her the opportunity to learn how to apply scientific research to solve real-world problems in medicine and health, using a patient centric approach.

She has always been interested in science, with her first dream job at the age of 5 being a vet. Although that dream faded along the way, her interest in the field has not.

Dorottya has had diverse experiences in health and biology, ranging from infectious disease research at the National Institutes of Health, to volunteering at a non-profit focused on concussion research and awareness. It was during her time at this non-profit, the Concussion Legacy Foundation, that she learned the importance of being able to communicate science in an accessible way to a larger audience.

Recently, the need for science communication to the general public has become even more apparent, and she is looking forward to developing her writing and communication skills through Science Borealis, as well as getting a chance to explore topics she is interested in.

Outside of the science world, Dorottya enjoys photography, hiking, rock climbing, and attempting to get her snake to pay attention to her.

She joined Science Borealis in January 2021 as a Health, Medicine & Veterinary Sciences Editor. She covers that beat alongside Michael Limmena.

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