A new way to think about an ancient problem: Common weed provides hope for a possible novel cancer therapy

Dandelions in bloom. Dandelion root extract may provide a novel anti-cancer treatment therapy, says Dr. Siyaram Pandey of the University of Windsor. Photo © Waferboard, CC BY 2.0

By Sunitha Chari, Biology and Life Sciences co-editor Cancer, one of the leading causes of death in modern times, is not a new disease. It has been around since ancient times, with some of the earliest evidence found in Egyptian mummies. In fact, cancer derives its name from the Greek work for tumors, karkinos, and […]

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Can our own immune system defeat cancer?

By Nick Mitrousis and Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology & Engineering Editors Cancer. For most of us, that word conjures up memories of a friend or family member who succumbed to the disease. Despite decades of scientific work and billions of dollars spent developing new treatments, cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide. So it’s no surprise […]

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Movember’s Moustache Mania

by Kasra Hassani & Alex Bond Biology & Life Sciences subject editors Movember 2013 has come to an end, and soon the hype over moustaches, men’s health issues, and fundraising for prostate cancer research will give way to Christmas carols and holiday greetings (unless, of course, you celebrate the lesser-known Decembeard). In contrast to the […]

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