A Canadian winter storm you’ll actually enjoy

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This past week (March 1st to 7th) marked the third annual #SciArt Tweet Storm. Begun in 2015 by the folks at Symbiartic, the SciArt Tweet Storm is part celebration, part marketing campaign, part science communication, and all beautiful.


As in previous years, the rules were simple –

Each day, participants

  1. Tweet 3 pieces of science art,
  2. Tag them with #SciArt, and
  3. Retweet 5 pieces of science art from others


The result is a storm of art about anatomy, palaeontology, microbiology, ecology, chemistry, and every other imaginable branch of science.


While the Canadian #SciArt scene is smaller than that of our neighbours to the south, we were well represented this year by a growing group of illustrators, animators, sculptors, painters, and graphic designers. Here are just a few highlights from the Canadian side of #SciArt Tweet Storm 2017.

Want more? Check out #SciArt on Twitter!


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