Science Borealis Anti-Black Racism Statement

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Science Borealis is committed to providing a platform free from discrimination, where all volunteers, collaborators and community members are treated with respect and dignity.

This past week, the blatant acts of anti-Black racism have been a sobering reminder that racism and oppression remain a very real and perpetual problem facing the Black community in the United States and Canada.

We stand together with the protestors in their struggle to end the perpetuation of anti-Black racism and inequality. We are committed to being champions of change to achieve a future where everyone is treated equitably and with dignity.

Please join us in amplifying the voices of Black scientists, sci-artists, and science enthusiasts by promoting the following hashtags and initiatives: #BlackAFinSTEM, #BlackInSTEM, #BlackBirdersWeek, #BlackInNature, #BlackEcologistsMatter, and #BlackandSTEM. On Twitter, follow @BLACKandSTEM and @BlackWomenSTEM for more information.



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