What we know and don’t know about Alzheimer’s disease

By Michael Ralph Limmena, Health, Medicine & Veterinary Science co-editor Canadians are living longer than ever — 2015 marked the first year that the number of Canadians older than 65 surpassed the number of children younger than 15. Unfortunately, the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s latest projections paint a grim picture for the future for many […]

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The benefits of learning to forget

by Jenna Finley, Biology & Life Sciences editor You may have heard it said, “Elephants never forget,”—but maybe they should. New research suggests that forgetting is a form of learning! This apparently contradictory statement could very well prove true in unpredictable environments. To understand why, let’s first take a look at how memory works. Memory […]

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How we remember: The intriguing case of HM

Laszlo Seress CC BY SA

Robert Gooding-Townsend, Science in Society co-editor HM is not, as you might think, a clothing store. He is instead one of the most celebrated patients in neuroscience – a key case study in our understanding of how the brain encodes memory. However, the lessons his case can teach us about memory extend far beyond the […]

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