Jaspreet Sanghera: Playing the “why” game as Science Borealis’s Biology & Life Sciences editor

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From childhood, Jaspreet’s most delightful memory is playing the “why” game – asking the adults around her a series of “why” questions until they had run out of answers. Fortunately, her mentors and teachers always indulged her curiosity. She found that the “why” game could go on and on when it came to questions about the human body, and it was here that her curiosity about biology and life sciences began.

Now, as a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Master of Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization from McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario, she’s still as curious as ever. Her interests in biochemistry, medicine, and drug and vaccine development propelled her to chase broad experiences including working in vaccine manufacturing, volunteering at her local hospital, and working as a camp counselor for a science summer camp for kids. Her newfound interest in science communications stems from a desire to help others answer their own big “why” questions while also combating misinformation.

When not thinking about science or writing, Jaspreet can be found reading novels between the stacks at her local library, painting (badly, but with enthusiasm), or going for long bike rides around the city.

She joined Science Borealis as one of the blog’s Biology & Life Sciences editor.

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