Seeing Canada through the trees: How Canadians can lead the world in forest conservation


by Dan Kraus, Nature Conservancy of Canada Forests define our Canadian geography and identity. One-third of our country is covered with trees, and forests occur in every province and territory. Jobs in forestry employ more than 200,000 Canadians and support many Indigenous and northern communities. Our forests are the reason why I’ve had days in […]

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The Boreal Forest, Antarctica and Geophysics, Oh My!

Sarah Boon and Sri Ray-Chauduri, Environmental & Earth Sciences co-editors Unlike a few of the other Science Borealis subject categories – like last week’s Multimedia – the Environmental and Earth Science subject is bursting with great blogs. From Alan Shapiro’s Mostly Harmless Science to the Saskatchewan Research Councils’ From the Lab to the Loading Dock, […]

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