The war on science

How science lost its credibility with the US public and what to do about it Pascal Lapointe, Policy & Politics co-editor   Three factors influence the perception of science in our era: the notion that “all opinions are equal”, the political influence of the religious right, and effective scientific misinformation campaigns by select industries. Because […]

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Canadian Science Funding Review Should Include Science Communication


Sarah Boon, Science Borealis Management Team, and Pascal Lapointe, Agence Science-Presse What would happen to Canadian science and science culture if federal research funding included support for science communication? It’s not that far-fetched an idea. In the US, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has a ‘broader impacts’ component that requires scientists applying for research grants […]

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Is Science Back in Canada?

Pascal Lapointe and Josh Silberg, Policy & Politics co-editors Canadian science got a financial boost on Tuesday thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first federal budget. Two billion dollars in two years for a low-carbon economy fund. One billion in four years toward green energy iniatives. Ninety-five million more each year for research and universities. Two […]

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