Will there be a science-focused debate during the 2015 election campaign?

political leaders

Pascal Lapointe and Josh Silberg, Policy & Politics co-editors In a Toronto Star opinion piece published on August 12, Katie Gibbs and Alana Westwood of Evidence for Democracy called for a national science debate between federal political leaders. Librarian John Dupuis echoed Evidence for Democracy’s sentiment in a recent blog post, and began brainstorming potential […]

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Science journalism: the key to strong science literacy

Pascal Lapointe, Policy & Politics co-editor   Last month, Québecers learned that money talks when it comes to manipulating science information, whether you pay a public relations firm a high enough price, or if you buy advertising. At the same time, however, we’re cutting funding to science journalism. Perhaps these two should be reversed? TransCanada […]

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What the Franklin expedition says about Canadian research priorities

Pascal Lapointe and Karine Morin, Science Policy co-editors The discovery of one of the long-lost Franklin ships is surely big news, archaeologically speaking. But it is also highly political. Not simply because Franklin is used as a symbol of Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic, but also in the context of what has happened in recent […]

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