A journey to the Canadian Arctic and its impact on the environment

Photo by Jamie D’Souza, 2018

Jamie D’Souza, guest contributor Since the 1960s, Churchill, Manitoba, the self-proclaimed ‘polar bear capital of the world’, has attracted thousands of tourists who hope to see polar bears lounging in the willows or on the shoreline of the Hudson Bay. But spotting a polar bear in its natural habitat near Churchill may soon become less […]

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Polar Week 2: Arctic zooplankton and climate change

GUEST POST by Jordan Grigor and Moritz Schmid Oceanography PhD students, Laval University Greenhouse gas-related atmospheric warming has led to an increase in average global temperatures of about 0.85°C between 1880 and 2012 (IPCC 2013). This increase is not evenly distributed: the Arctic is warming much faster than the temperate oceans. The most pessimistic predictions […]

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