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Visionary science fiction after Star Trek

Image: DasWortgewand, Pixabay CC0

Robert Gooding-Townsend, Science in Society Editor Earlier this month, Star Trek turned 50. This was a time for celebrating the show’s accomplishments and the inspiration it brought to so many. The Perimeter Institute had a particularly touching tribute with inspirational quotes, iconic architecture, and action figures. This celebration resounded across the internet with everyone from […]

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Voices for Canadian #Scicomm100 – Weekly Recap: Sep. 17 – 23, 2016

Week 3 of our “Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication” campaign has been great fun. Lots of you have shared our quotes and images via the #scicomm100 hashtag and from our Facebook page. We really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm! Do you have a favourite quote from this week’s batch? If so, tell us! Meanwhile, in case you missed our most recent […]

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Beakerhead is wildly entertaining, but it sure ain’t mindless

Pegasus with artist Artur Karlov. Photo: Lisa Willemse

Guest post by Lisa Willemse Every year, Calgary hosts an event centred around cowboys and bucking broncos and tents full of brew. It’s been dubbed ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, but I beg to differ. Calgary does host the greatest show on earth, but it’s not the Stampede. It’s Beakerhead. Never heard of it? Now […]

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It’s time to get your science on with #scilit16!


 By Jesse Hildebrand, Guest Editor & Founder of Science Literacy Week    Get ready for fun and discovery as Canada’s third annual Science Literacy Week takes place September 19–25! It aims to showcase just how excellent Canadian science and science communication are from coast-to-coast-to-coast. And they really are. If you want to learn about the […]

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Voices for Canadian #Scicomm100 – Weekly Recap: Sep. 10 – 16, 2016

Week 2 has been an exciting one for our “Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication” campaign. You all are making our Twitter stream and the #scicomm100 hashtag burn up with re-Tweets and chatter! And you’ve have hit our Facebook page with more activity than ever. Thank you to everyone who’s jumped on board with us. And we’re pleased to […]

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