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Voices for Canadian #Scicomm100 – Weekly Wrap Up and Announcement!

This wraps up Week 7 and what a great week it’s been.  Look at the fabulous support we’re getting!   #Scientists: Let @ScienceBorealis know your thoughts on #sciencecommunication; join the conversation w/ #scicomm100. — Hon. Kirsty Duncan (@ScienceMin) October 14, 2016   AND … we have an announcement! Our Red Bubble #scicomm100 store is OPEN! Now […]

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Meet the Science Borealis Outreach Team

When we first started Science Borealis back in 2013, we had a small core team that did pretty much everything. In the past three years, however, we’ve evolved to include a dedicated Outreach Team! They manage our everyday interactions on Facebook and Twitter. They’re also the people who bring you the fabulous moon-thly newsletter, and […]

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Conversations with Dolphins: Film Review


By Kira Hoffman and Josh Silberg People love dolphins. Flipper and his brethren, with their permanent “smile” and happy-go-lucky reputation, are widely regarded as one of the most intelligent species on the planet. But what makes dolphins so intelligent? Are humans not so special after all? In Conversations with Dolphins, which aired on CBC’s The […]

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LEDs: The Next E-Waste Stream


By Lené Gary, General Sciences Editor  October 17–24 is Waste Reduction Week in Canada The production of electronic equipment is growing 3–5% per year. At the same time, the effective lifespan of those electronics being substantially reduced as technological advances, aesthetic preferences, marketing and compatibility issues lead consumers to replace them long before their useful life […]

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Voices for Canadian #Scicomm100 – Weekly Recap: Oct 8-14, 2016

Week 6 is finished!  And our Outreach team and supporters have really been powering through our “Reflections: 100 Voices for Canadian Science Communication” campaign.  Only 23 voices left to go!  With hundreds of Tweets and re-Tweets of the #scicomm100 hashtag and visitors to our Facebook page, our followers now excitedly anticipate who the next Voice for Canadian SciComm will be. Not only that, […]

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