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Hysterical hypotheses

Robert Gooding-Townsend, Science in Society Co-editor   Today, I’m at the airport, heading back from a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, where I enjoyed a series of scientific talks. Exciting, right? Except, I wasn’t attending a conference, presenting anything or meeting any potential co-authors. In fact, nobody seemed to take me […]

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Triclosan: A Controversial Chemical in Your Soap

By Connie Tang. Chemistry Co-Editor Triclosan: it’s in your soap, body wash, and your toothpaste. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent added to personal care products, cosmetics, and even toys, kitchenware, and furniture. While soap is rarely the centre of a news story, triclosan has become increasingly controversial after the United States Food and Drug Administration […]

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Fentanyl Analysis: From the Back Alley to the Crime Lab

Lawrence Cheung, Chemistry Co-editor The widespread use of illegal drugs in British Columbia is chilling. It is a growing epidemic and the number of drug related deaths has increased each year since 2012. The situation is so bad that B.C.’s health minister, Terry Lake, has asked the federal government to declare a national public health […]

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