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CIHR does an about-face on the value of face-to-face peer review


By Michelle Lavery and Betty Zou, General Science Editors After a peer rebellion among Canadian health researchers, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research has agreed to reinstate face-to-face peer reviews. But what makes face-to-face discussion so vital to the process?   Recent events have sparked concern over the way researchers are awarded government grants. Face-to-face […]

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Evidence-based endorsements: let’s put celebrity culture to good use

By Catherine Lau & Joelle Thorpe, Biology & Life Science Editors Like it or not, we all fall victim to celebrity clickbait. Whether we praise them or roll our eyes at their absurd behaviour, we cannot dismiss the impact that celebrities have on public opinion, especially on public health. Celebrities can heavily influence our health-related behaviour, […]

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Canadian Science Funding Review Should Include Science Communication


by Sarah Boon (Science Borealis Management Team) & Pascal Lapointe (Agence Science-Presse) What would happen to Canadian science and science culture if federal research funding included support for science communication? It’s not that far-fetched an idea. In the US, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has a ‘broader impacts’ component that requires scientists applying for research […]

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8 Canadian Chemists Who Reshaped How We See Our World

chemistry nobel

by Mika McKinnon, Editorial Manager Eight Canadians changed the path of chemistry, winning Nobel Prizes for their innovative research. These are their discoveries, from exploring ultimate chill to probing the basic mechanics of reactions. Since the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded in 1901, 171 people have shared 107 prizes. Only eight of those prizes […]

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