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La montée des prix de l’essence révèle les algorithmes régissant le capitalisme

Kyle Pearce CC BY-SA 2.0

Robert Gooding-Townsend, éditeur Science et Société Vers la fin de février, le prix de l’essence à Vancouver a dépassé les 1.50$ le litre, ce qui représente une augmentation de 20¢ en seulement deux semaines. La cause de cette augmentation est la fermeture d’une raffinerie importante à Burnaby. Au même moment, Taiwan connaissait une pénurie de […]

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So You Want To Get Paid For SciComm?

Alex Chattwood, Communications, Education & Outreach co-editor Becoming a paid science communicator can be hard work. In my recent post, I offered up some resources for people looking to educate themselves in scicomm. In this post, I highlight some of the types of entry-level jobs that will pay you to apply those new-found science communication skills. […]

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How close are we to printing replacement body parts?

Erin Bedford, Technology and Engineering co-editor Three-dimensional (3D) printing, the technology used to turn a three-dimensional digital design into an object by depositing material one layer at a time, has taken off in recent years. It now seems like almost anything can be 3D printed—shoes, airplane parts, houses—so why not print body parts too? It […]

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It’s complicated, honey: Bees vs… bees

Kevin Van Tighem, Nature Conservancy of Canada Spring draws nigh: the season of the birds and the bees. Birdsong is a welcome gift, but where would we be without bees? Their obsessive quest for pollen and nectar keeps much of Alberta’s native flora alive. There would be fewer willows, flowers and garden crops without pollinator insects […]

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Innovative learning experiences are putting the art back in science

Katrina Vera Wong, Multimedia co-editor If you’ve heard of the terms “science art” or “sciart,” you’re probably familiar with the idea of using visual art to represent, explain, or bring attention to some aspect of science. The wonderful realm of art and science is capable of teaching science in creative ways and is a potent […]

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