Making big ideas happen

SWCC People’s Choice Award Winner – Canada’s Favourite Science Site: Let’s Talk Science Malgosia Ip, for SWCC Amy Cook was a graduate student at Western University when she and her colleague Mira Ray started a small not-for-profit organization called CRAM Science. They were both passionate about science outreach, but found that outreach activities typically missed […]

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Body of Evidence: debunking medical myths


Alina Fisher, Environmental & Earth Sciences co-editor The winner of our ‘Canada’s Favourite Blog for 2017’ contest was Body of Evidence, run by scientists keen on cutting through the prolific medical misinformation found on the Internet. Take a quick look at their site and you’ll find many ways to administer your regular dose of medical […]

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Memories of Science: an experimental zine

Raymond Nakamura and Katrina Vera Wong, Multimedia co-editors A zine is a vestigial, pre-internet medium that is re-emerging as part of a rise in self-publishing—think of a small-circulation miniature magazine. Zines’ tangible nature is part of their appeal, combined with the independent spirit of their creators and despite, or perhaps in response to, our consumer-centric […]

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The elusive wolverine: Beyond the X-Men character


Alina Fisher, Environmental and Earth Science co-editor When you think of a wolverine, do you think of an elusive, almost mythical creature with superpowers, or do you think of the comic book character? Most people have heard of the X-Men, either through the movies or the comic book series, but few people know about the […]

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