How do you solve a problem like migration?


Catherine Dale, Borealis Blog editor and New Science Communicators Program Manager I can feel the rapid thrumming of the bluebird’s heart against my palm as I carefully manoeuvre its foot into position over a tiny Ziploc bag. I pick up my nail scissors and take a deep breath to steady my hand. I will only […]

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Keep them in your heart: Monitoring the Bicknell’s Thrush

Lené Gary, General Science editor “You must have the bird in your heart before you can find it in the bush.” – John Burroughs While that might be true, unless you’re planning a trip to the Greater Antilles, you won’t have much luck finding Bicknell’s Thrush in a bush right now. That’s because this rare, […]

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World Wetlands Day: The Hunter and the Number Cruncher

By: Auriel Fournier, Math & Stats Editor Happy World Wetlands Day! Today I am going to dive into the two things that I think are often misunderstood about wetlands: The role that hunters and statistics have played in wetland conservation in North America. One reason we have so many wetlands today is because of hunting, […]

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