The themes of nature: Exploring repeating patterns in the natural world

Chenoa van den Boogaard, Physics & Astronomy editor The world is a bustling place, naturally chaotic and unpredictable, yet a balance is found in the regularity of nature’s cycles and patterns. The rise and fall of the sun and moon, the passing of the seasons, and the arrival of each hour in the day keep […]

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The effects of “outdoor” domestic cats on wildlife

bird-killing cat from Pixabay

Tanya Samman and Alina Fisher, Environmental and Earth Sciences co-editors Disclaimer: Both Alina and Tanya are fans of both cats and wildlife. This post is not intended to alienate any outdoor cat owners. The intention is to demonstrate the effects these animals have on wildlife. The crime scene You open your door to find a […]

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Top 3 reasons to attend Science Rendezvous on May 11

Photo credit: Clifton Li

Dr. Emily Agard, Director of SciXchange at Ryerson University, Toronto Join us for Science Rendezvous! This annual free festival makes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) accessible to thousands of people with a day of engaging, informative and interactive events across the country. This year, Science Rendezvous highlights how we can infuse the arts into […]

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Raising awareness of mathematical modelling

Hannah Sutton, New Science Communicator These days, people think that most of our questions about the world can be answered with science. However, it’s not always possible to study something directly, which is where mathematical modelling comes in. For example, for quite a while scientists were baffled by the fact that the near side of […]

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La montée des prix de l’essence révèle les algorithmes régissant le capitalisme

Kyle Pearce CC BY-SA 2.0

Robert Gooding-Townsend, éditeur Science et Société Vers la fin de février, le prix de l’essence à Vancouver a dépassé les 1.50$ le litre, ce qui représente une augmentation de 20¢ en seulement deux semaines. La cause de cette augmentation est la fermeture d’une raffinerie importante à Burnaby. Au même moment, Taiwan connaissait une pénurie de […]

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