Citizen science dives into water quality

using-Secchi-Disks-Kat Kavanagh-with-permission

Kirsten Grant, General Science co-editor With millions of lakes in Canada, monitoring water quality is no small feat. Canada’s vastness means it’s impossible to collect data everywhere. The situation is made ever more difficult by a lack of funding for long-term environmental monitoring. But Water Rangers Executive Director Kat Kavanagh says citizens can play a […]

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Lené Gary, General Sciences editor

Lené Gary (@leneagary) is a poet, writer, photographer and aspiring naturalist living in the Green Mountains of Vermont. She holds a dual-genre MFA in Writing, a BA in Environmental Studies, and is currently pursuing an MA in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University. Her path to science writing began with her early love for chemistry […]

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Plain language, mitochondrial donation, and sketchy science – all under the Science Borealis roof

by Brian Owens and Stephanie LePage General Science editors Occasionally, when it comes time to write one of these highlights posts, the General Science editors feel a little envious of the other subject categories on Science Borealis. While Sarah and Sri over in Earth & Environment had a ready-made topic in the International Year of […]

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