Travel back to the Carboniferous


Hai Lin Wang, Nature Conservancy of Canada Alongside marshes and in forests and meadows lives a group of plants that are older than the dinosaurs. Called horsetails, these plants have had quite a trek through time. This group is also referred to as the Equisetum genus, a type of biological classification that contains all known […]

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Every stone has a story

By Katie McCulloch, New Science Communicator Guest Blogger   615+ Million years ago. Parrsboro, Nova Scotia (ish). Earth. The sun shines down on an unfamiliar landscape. The Earth looks different, from its barren surface to the arrangement of the continents. What will eventually become part of Nova Scotia is unrecognisable and volcanically active. Of particular […]

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The Boreal Forest, Antarctica and Geophysics, Oh My!

Sarah Boon and Sri Ray-Chauduri, Environmental & Earth Sciences co-editors Unlike a few of the other Science Borealis subject categories – like last week’s Multimedia – the Environmental and Earth Science subject is bursting with great blogs. From Alan Shapiro’s Mostly Harmless Science to the Saskatchewan Research Councils’ From the Lab to the Loading Dock, […]

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