Conversations with Dolphins: Film review

Kira Hoffman, General Science co-editor, and Josh Silberg, Policy & Politics co-editor People love dolphins. Flipper and his brethren, with their permanent “smile” and happy-go-lucky reputation, are widely regarded as one of the most intelligent species on the planet. But what makes dolphins so intelligent? Are humans not so special after all? In Conversations with […]

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Is Science Back in Canada?

Pascal Lapointe and Josh Silberg, Policy & Politics co-editors Canadian science got a financial boost on Tuesday thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first federal budget. Two billion dollars in two years for a low-carbon economy fund. One billion in four years toward green energy iniatives. Ninety-five million more each year for research and universities. Two […]

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A new day for Canadian science


Josh Silberg, Policy & Politics co-editor The new Liberal majority government and its ‘sunny ways’ have swept through the Canadian science community since the election. There are two newly minted cabinet ministers with the word science in their title: Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan, and Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Navdeep Bains. Not only […]

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Will there be a science-focused debate during the 2015 election campaign?

political leaders

Pascal Lapointe and Josh Silberg, Policy & Politics co-editors In a Toronto Star opinion piece published on August 12, Katie Gibbs and Alana Westwood of Evidence for Democracy called for a national science debate between federal political leaders. Librarian John Dupuis echoed Evidence for Democracy’s sentiment in a recent blog post, and began brainstorming potential science-related […]

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