You’re all invited to our 5th birthday: Be immortalized in the Science Borealis logo

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Science Borealis was formed on November 22, 2013!

On November 2, 2014, we officially incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

Each year, we try to find new and inventive ways to celebrate our birthday with our members, network and wider audiences.

On our first anniversary, we held a blog carnival and last year we celebrated our fourth anniversary by paying tribute to our amazing team of volunteers in the form of #SciBorSelfies – hand drawn by each team member, then colourized and SciBor-realized by the talented Peggy Muddles.

This year, we are going digital and creating a celebration that everyone can take part in. We will be turning the Science Borealis logo into a giant mosaic of images inspired by Canadian science, scientists and science communicators – and your image can be a part of it.

Who can take part?


What do you need to do?

Send us an image inspired by Canadian science, scientists or science communicators.

How do I do that?

Simple, just fill out a form and upload your image here.

What are we looking for?

Here at Science Borealis, our mission is to build an inclusive and diverse Canadian science communication community. What could be better than to include the many faces, aspects and viewpoints of Canadian science and science communication in our own logo?

So send us pictures of you at work or pictures of your work.

What information do we need?

  1. Name or social media handle
  2. Do you have the right to share this image and do you give Science Borealis the right to use this image?
  3. Does this image feature anything offensive?

What happens next?

We will compile and review the images and then optimize them to create a giant mosaic from Science Borealis images and the images submitted.

The image will then be published on our website and social media channels, so you can look for your images and download the mosaic.

When do you need to submit your images?

We will accept images submitted up until December 3.


What will the mosaic look like?

Below is a prototype mosaic formed with 10 images that have been featured on our own Science Borealis Blog.

Photo mosaic by: tristanmaclean @ Mosaically

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