Air pollution is a major threat to our health

By Jenna Finley, Biology & Life Sciences co-editor Man-made pollution is one of the biggest threats we face — microplastics everywhere, contaminated drinking water, plastic garbage floating on the oceans. Data show that pollution is already causing deaths, and new evidence suggests that it may be worse than previously assumed. In 2016, the World Health […]

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Planting cleaner air: Can roadside plants reduce air pollution?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay, CC0

Katie Compton and Silvie Harder, Policy & Politics editors If you’ve gone shopping for a houseplant recently, you might have noticed that some species, like spider plants and peace lilies, are identified as having air-purifying qualities. This labelling isn’t just empty marketing. A study done by NASA 30 years ago tested the air-purifying capacity of […]

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Link between traffic and dementia points to urban planning challenges ahead

Ainslie Butler and Lindsay Jolivet, Health, Medicine & Veterinary co-editors Growing up across the street from the Queen Elizabeth Way, a busy highway outside of Toronto, Ainslie Butler’s mother often worried that the noise and pollution would affect her family’s health. Highway dust, as her family called it, left its grungy mark on their patio […]

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