So you want To get paid For scicomm?

Alex Chattwood, Communications, Education & Outreach co-editor Becoming a paid science communicator can be hard work. In my recent post, I offered up some resources for people looking to educate themselves in scicomm. In this post, I highlight some of the types of entry-level jobs that will pay you to apply those new-found science communication skills. […]

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Astronomy Education in Canada’s Small Towns

By Sonya Neilson, Physics and Astronomy Co-editor A few snowflakes drifted slowly to the ground as we pulled up to the MacKenzie Recreation Centre, a two-hour drive north of Prince George, BC. Having flown up the previous night from rainy Vancouver, our bodies were not used to the cold and we unloaded our van as […]

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Who are science communicators? And a survey.

audience toys

By Susan Vickers and Lisa Willemse Communication, Education, and Outreach subject editors Let’s begin by clearing up a small point of possible confusion. This post covers two different surveys: one happening now, and one conducted last year. The current one is the Science Borealis survey of blog readers, which Science Borealis is conducting in collaboration […]

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