So you want to get paid for scicomm?

Alex Chattwood, Communications, Education & Outreach co-editor Becoming a paid science communicator can be hard work. In my recent post, I offered up some resources for people looking to educate themselves in scicomm. In this post, I highlight some of the types of entry-level jobs that will pay you to apply those new-found science communication skills. […]

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Astronomy education in Canada’s small towns

Sonya Neilson, Physics & Astronomy co-editor A few snowflakes drifted slowly to the ground as we pulled up to the MacKenzie Recreation Centre, a two-hour drive north of Prince George, BC. Having flown up the previous night from rainy Vancouver, our bodies were not used to the cold and we unloaded our van as quickly […]

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Who are science communicators? And a survey

audience toys

Susan Vickers and Lisa Willemse, Communication, Education & Outreach co-editors Let’s begin by clearing up a small point of possible confusion. This post covers two different surveys: one happening now, and one conducted last year. The current one is the Science Borealis survey of blog readers, which Science Borealis is conducting in collaboration with Dr. Paige Jarreau, […]

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