Life on the extreme edge: Microbes in astrobiology

image by Nada Salem

Nada Salem, Chemistry editor Our most resilient organisms, emerging from the coldest reaches of the Earth, are essential avenues of research in astrobiology. They model what life might look like in the harshest corners of the solar system and allow us to test the survival limits of terrestrial life. How do these fascinating organisms help […]

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S’établir sur Mars? Ce n’est pas parce qu’on peut qu’on doit le faire…

Tanya Samman et Alina C. Fisher, coéditrices, Environnement et sciences de la terre Mars… c’est un sujet chaud en ce moment. Mais la Terre aussi après tout; elle se réchauffe grâce aux changements climatiques causés par les humains. La vie sur Terre changera de façon dramatique dans un futur rapproché; la fonte des calottes glaciaires […]

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Move to Mars? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should…

Tanya Samman and Alina C. Fisher, Environmental & Earth Sciences co-editors Mars… it’s hot right now. But then, so is Earth – and it’s getting hotter thanks to human-induced climate change. Life on Earth is going to change drastically in the near future: melting ice sheets will cause sea level to rise, submerging coastal cities; […]

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The Martian: Putting the Science in Science Fiction

The Martian book

Sri Ray-Chauduri, Technology & Engineering co-editor There’s a good chance you’ve heard about the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster The Martian. But before you assume it’s just another high-profile science fiction story set in a distant future of intergalactic wars and alien species, consider this: prior its world premier at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), […]

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