Method To The Madness: Validating Spooky Action Using Starlight

By Kaitlin Williams, for the second season of the New Science Communicator series. Two quantum particles in an initial entangled state fly hundreds of thousands of meters apart. A measurement is taken on the first particle, and immediately, the knowledge of the first particle’s measurement has influenced the value of the second particle. This surreal […]

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The longer the path… the shorter the travel time?

By Danielle St. Jean, for the second season of the New Science Communicators Series “On a harsh desert evening, Baal Shem Tov, an 18th century Polish rabbi, was travelling with his new students. Having ridden at a full canter all day, the horses gasped for air yet their hooves continued to make an energetic beat […]

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A Natural Approach to Carbon Fibre

black fibres blooming from a bundle

by Anita Campanelli, for the second season of the New Science Communicator Series Researchers are working towards developing a new and improved carbon fibre material – one that environmentalists can get on board with. In a world where technology is constantly changing and innovation is all around us, it is important that these changes have […]

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